Boost Your Confidence and Appearance With a Smile Makeover

Are you dissatisfied with your smile? If so, you’re not alone — many people have various aspects of their teeth they would love to fix. Whatever your concerns may be, an excellent cosmetic dentist is the first step toward improving your grin. Dr. Marianna Farber of Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry in New York City offers her patients extensive experience and superior dental skills, along with a wide variety of dental solutions for a smile transformation. Patients with concerns about crooked, damaged, discolored, or misshapen teeth can transform their smiles and boost their confidence with the help of an array of cosmetic dentistry solutions. Read below as we explain how this dental approach can offer an aesthetic option to give your smile a whole new look.


A stunning transformation

New York City-area men and women looking to improve their smiles enlist the assistance of a qualified cosmetic dentist like Dr. Marianna Farber. Through a comprehensive approach, she focuses on the enhancement of the appearance of the teeth with stunning results. The main goal of a smile makeover is to restore the shape, balance, color, and other aesthetic qualities of the teeth, as well as improve overall oral function. Everyday movements such as chewing, speaking, and biting can also be improved with cosmetic dental work while transforming your smile. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Farber may combine one or more techniques to assist patients in achieving their aesthetic goals.  


A smile makeover to the rescue

There are several cosmetic concerns that can leave patients feeling uneasy about their smile. While some flaws may have a relatively minor effect, others can have a significant impact on a person’s confidence and overall oral health. Individuals with these common concerns can turn to a smile makeover for assistance:

  • Chipped, cracked, or misshapen teeth
  • Jagged or uneven teeth
  • Small or short teeth
  • Narrow or wide gaps between teeth
  • Crooked, overcrowded, or misaligned teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Worn enamel or tooth erosion


A real self-confidence booster

A smile makeover at Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry is a customized dental plan that can make you feel proud to display your smile. Some patients choose to include tooth whitening, orthodontics, dental bonding, or dental veneers, and your smile makeover could also be comprised of restorative procedures like replacing missing teeth, crowns, and bridges. Modern cosmetic dentistry enables a personalized approach for each patient to best suit their needs. Some of the most popular cosmetic treatments include:


Teeth whitening

Dr. Farber uses KöR teeth whitening to eliminate stubborn stains on tooth enamel to reveal a brighter, whiter smile. In-office treatment or take-home kits are an effective way to whiten teeth several shades lighter to give each patient their desired appearance. Imagine how great you would feel with a gorgeous, pearly-white smile following professional teeth whitening treatments.


Dental veneers

Dental veneers, composed of either porcelain or composite material, are customized to fit perfectly on top of the teeth to cover imperfections. Veneers can quickly and simply fix cracked, chipped, gapped, or discolored teeth by camouflaging a wide range of issues. Following treatment, patients have a more balanced, uniform smile with permanent help from dental veneers.


Orthodontic help

Invisalign® orthodontics is a revolutionary and discreet way to correct slightly crowded, crooked, or misaligned teeth. Utilizing clear aligners or trays, Invisalign offers patients a way to gently straighten their teeth, correcting misalignments that are the cause of bite problems. The aligners can be removed when eating and brushing the teeth, allowing for better oral health than metal braces. Invisalign gradually moves teeth to a more desired location, and no one will even notice you have had orthodontic treatment unless you tell them.


Dental contouring and bonding

Dental bonding contours and reshapes teeth, giving patients a more even, balanced smile. Composite resin bonding material that matches the shade of your teeth can widen, lighten, lengthen, and repair aesthetic issues within the teeth. Contouring help can eliminate jagged or uneven edges to create a more attractive smile. 


The smile makeover game-changer

Dr.  Farber understands that an unattractive smile can be detrimental to a person’s self-esteem. She makes it her mission to help patients feel great about themselves with a treatment plan customized to address their unique needs. These cosmetic dentistry techniques work together to transform the look and function of a person’s smile. In some cases, a same-day smile makeover is possible so patients can enjoy their new look immediately.


Are you ready to exude confidence?

A significant upgrade to the quality and appearance of your smile can be yours. Dr. Farber and her staff offer the latest dental technology and cosmetic techniques to customize every smile makeover experience. It’s time to feel confident again, and enjoy your new and improved grin with a complete smile makeover. To learn more about the cosmetic dental options available, we invite you to schedule a consultation today with Dr. Marianna Farber at Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry in New York, NY.


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