Sleep Apnea

Man snoring while his wife is covering ears with the pillow

In the heart of Midtown Manhattan, at the prestigious 115 E 57th St address, stands a beacon of dental advancement – Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry. This establishment, championed by the renowned Dr. Marianna Farber DDS, is a testament to the synergy of extensive dental acumen and patient-centered care. Our approach to intervention in treating sleep apnea stands out among the myriad of expert services we offer, reflecting our dedication to overall well-being.

Demystifying Sleep Apnea and Its Comprehensive Solutions

Sleep apnea is not merely an inconvenience; it’s a potentially life-altering sleep disorder characterized by intermittent halts in breathing. Beyond the obvious sleep disruptions, it has implications for cardiovascular health, cognitive functions, and overall quality of life. Whether it’s the perpetual fatigue shadowing a supposedly good night’s sleep or the complaints of thunderous snoring, sleep apnea could be the silent adversary.

Our approach at Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry extends beyond diagnosis, delving into tailored solutions:

  • CPAP Therapy: This remains a flagship treatment for sleep apnea. It requires patients to wear a specially designed mask connected to a machine. Delivering a continuous stream of air ensures the airways remain unobstructed throughout the night.
  • Customized Oral Devices: Not everyone finds solace in a CPAP mask. For such individuals, we offer bespoke oral appliances. Crafted to realign the lower jaw and tongue, they create an obstruction-free airway. Dr. Farber’s expertise ensures these devices are effective and comfortable for nightly use.
  • Positional Therapeutics: Intriguingly, some individuals encounter sleep apnea primarily when reclined on their back. To counter this positional challenge, we utilize innovative strategies that gently encourage side-sleeping, reducing apneic events.
  • Lifestyle Navigation: It’s astounding how minute tweaks in one’s lifestyle can bring about profound health transformations. As staunch advocates of our overall health, our team provides actionable insights on weight optimization, moderating alcohol intake, transitioning away from smoking, and optimizing sleep routines.

Under the leadership of Dr. Marianna Farber, DDS, our clinic’s ethos is centered around individualized care. Recognizing the uniqueness of each patient, we invest time in understanding their specific challenges, aspirations, and health goals.

Embark on a Tranquil Sleep Odyssey with Us

Anchored at 115 E 57th St 1250 15th floor, New York, NY 10022, Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry is more than a dental facility—it’s a gateway to rediscovering the joys of tranquil sleep and invigorated awakenings. Every team member is steadfast in their commitment to delivering unparalleled patient experiences in an ambiance that exudes professionalism yet feels welcoming.

If the sleep apnea specter looms large or there’s a mere inkling of curiosity about this condition, Dr. Farber, with her team of dedicated professionals, stands ready to enlighten and assist. A world where each night culminates in restorative slumber and each day begins with zest is not a distant dream. Connect with Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry at (212) 588-1500 to initiate your journey towards such a reality. Together, we shall pave the way for nights of serene sleep and days brimming with vitality!

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