Infection Control in a COVID-19 World

Business woman working from home wearing protective mask Cleaning her hands with sanitizer

Dr. Farber and our team at Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry are taking proactive steps to ensure your safety in our office. We take infection control seriously. The COVID-19 virus spreads so easily, especially in aerosols that are created during dental procedures, and to combat that, we have installed new equipment and procedures to keep delivering the best and safest care possible.

In addition to adhering to all CDC guidelines, here are some additional steps we’ve incorporated:

The Jade Air Purifier

We have purchased this purifier that produces surgically clean air and is one of the world’s most advanced medical grade air purifiers.

Jade Air Purifie

  • Six Stage Filtration
  • Large capacity airflow.
  • Besides killing germs and viruses, it removes dust and pollen
  • Eliminates odors and VOCs
  • Re-energizes stale indoor air

Isolite Continuous Suction

The Isolite System utilizes strong negative pressure to destroy 90% of aerosols before they even leave the mouth. We combine this with an extra-oral high-volume evacuation system (HVE) to provide the maximum protection to our patients against COVID-19 or any other airborne diseases.

In addition to this, we hold our office to the highest standards of cleanliness and will always work to keep you safe and healthy in every appointment.

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