Clear Aligners

Aligners for straightening teeth in a woman's hand

In the heart of Midtown Manhattan, a city known for setting global trends and standards, you’ll find an oasis of dental innovation: Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry. As the bustling city goes about its business, our clinic stands as a serene retreat where smiles are transformed. Under the guidance of Dr. Marianna Farber, DDS, we commit to offering the best in dental care. One of our highly popular services is Clear Aligners, an orthodontic solution that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. If the thought of traditional braces has been keeping you from correcting your smile, it’s time to discover the magic of Clear Aligners.

Exploring the World of Clear Aligners

When we think about orthodontics, metal braces often come to mind. However, the dental landscape has evolved tremendously, and Clear Aligners are at the forefront of this change. Let’s delve deeper:

  • Subtlety and Elegance: The prime advantage of Clear Aligners is their almost invisible nature. You can straighten your teeth without drawing undue attention, retaining your confidence throughout the treatment.
  • Customized Comfort: Every set of aligners is customized, taking into account the unique structure of your teeth and mouth. This ensures they fit snugly, providing maximum effectiveness without discomfort.
  • No Food Restrictions: Love popcorn or apples? With traditional braces, many foods are off the menu. Clear Aligners can be removed during meals, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods without any worries.
  • Efficient Cleaning: Maintaining oral hygiene is a breeze. Simply remove the clear aligners to brush and floss as you normally would.
  • Future-Forward: With the power of technology, envision your smile’s transformation even before you start the treatment.

A beautiful, straight smile is significantly more than just an aesthetic asset. It boosts confidence, enhances facial symmetry, and often improves oral health. If you’ve been contemplating orthodontic treatment, Clear Aligners might be the innovative solution you’ve been waiting for. Dr. Farber’s expertise shines especially bright when it comes to Clear Aligners. She combines her knowledge with the latest advancements, ensuring optimal results for every patient. 

At Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry, we believe in a holistic approach. Every step, from consultation to treatment, is taken with utmost care. Our modern facility is equipped with advanced tools and technologies, ensuring precision in every procedure. Moreover, our team continually upgrades their skills through regular training sessions so our patients receive the best, most up-to-date care.

Embark on Your Smile Transformation Journey

It’s not just about providing dental treatments. For us, it’s about understanding your aspirations, addressing your concerns, and crafting a pathway that leads to a radiant smile. Located at 115 E 57th St 1250, 15th floor, New York, NY 10022, our clinic exudes an ambiance of warmth and professionalism. We take pride in the countless smiles we’ve enhanced and the relationships we’ve built over the years.

Your journey to a redefined smile starts with a simple step. Reach out to Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry at (212) 588-1500. Let’s collaborate and bring to life a smile that perfectly aligns with your personality and aspirations. Dive into the future of dentistry with us!