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Midtown Manhattan Laser Dentist

Laser dentistry gives you a gentle, painless, drill-free experience—without a numbing shot of anesthesia. In midtown Manhattan, Dr. Marianna Farber uses laser technology to quickly and comfortably treat your teeth and gums.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is the use of advanced laser technology to perform various dental procedures. Dental lasers can treat hard or soft tissue (teeth or gums) without using a drill.

Dr. Farber uses the Solea® dental laser, an FDA-approved CO2 laser that works on both hard and soft tissue. Many dental lasers can just be used for soft tissue procedures and can’t be used to treat tooth decay.

The History of Laser Dentistry

In the early 1990s, the FDA approved dental lasers for soft-tissue procedures. And in the late 1990s, lasers were approved for hard-tissue use. Lasers are also being used as an effective tool for early detection of small cavities.

When Is Laser Dentistry Used?

From filling cavities to oral surgery, laser dentistry works for various procedures, including:
  • Prepare a tooth for a filling – Dental lasers remove tooth decay, damage, and old fillings—drill free. You can get cavities filled easily and quickly.
  • Treat gum tissue – If you have a gummy smile, Dr. Farber can use the dental laser to remove excess tissue. Reshaping your gums with a dental laser can expose more of your tooth structure for access during dental restorations. Or we can use it for aesthetics to make your teeth look longer.
  • Remove and biopsy tumors, ulcers, or lesions – The laser comfortably removes tissue and masses with minimal or no bleeding.
  • Perform frenectomy – A stiff frenulum, or band of tissue, beneath your upper lip, can damage gum tissue, affect speech, and misposition teeth. A short or tight frenulum beneath your tongue can restrict its movement and affect speech and tooth position. Laser dentistry corrects frenulum issues with minimal discomfort.
  • Increase dental implant success – Laser dentistry can be used in various phases of the implant process:PlacementUncovering implants beneath the gum tissue after they healRecontouring gum tissue around an implant.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry removes many causes of anxiety or fear that people have about dental procedures.

You can benefit in several ways:

  • Painless – Unlike mechanical drills, dental lasers have no vibration. They also seal the tooth as they remove diseased tissues, making it a painless procedure. So you can have a filling without novocain.
  • Faster treatment – The laser wavelength vaporizes tooth decay or damaged soft tissues at high speeds. And since you don’t have to wait to become numb, your time in the dental chair will be extra quick.
  • Precise – Laser dentistry efficiently targets damaged tooth structure or soft tissue areas to preserve healthy tooth structure and tissue.
  • Quiet – Unlike a high-pitched drill, a laser is very quiet.
  • No post-operative numbness – After laser dentistry, your mouth will not be numb. You can talk without slurring your speech, eat without biting your lip, and drink without drooling.
  • Faster healing – When treating soft tissue, this minimally invasive treatment promotes healing. As the laser technology vaporizes soft tissue, it also thickens it to minimize bleeding and the need for stitches.

How Does Laser Dentistry Feel?

Laser dentistry is not painful. Many patients feel nothing at all. And others say it feels like flowing air or coolness. But you will not feel the pressure or discomfort of a drill.

Are You Interested in Drill-Free Dentistry?

If you are interested in a drill-free, painless dental experience, call us to schedule an appointment or our appointment request form.