High-Tech Dentistry

Staying up-to-date with the latest technology is a priority for Dr. Marianna Farber. Here are just a handful of the innovations we use at Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry.

Messy, hand-poured dental molds are a thing of the past. For all of our impressions, we use the iTero Intraoral Scanner. This wand-shaped device allows Dr. Farber to get a comprehensive, 3-D view of the mouth and teeth both during examinations and throughout procedures.
To make injections more comfortable for her patients, Dr. Farber uses the Dentapen by Septodont. This electrically regulated syringe monitors the injection flow of local anesthetic at just the right pace, leading to better control of the injection and reduced pain for the patient.
This state-of-the-art power scaler by Hu-Friedy propels fine particles of powder (sodium bicarbonate and silica) through a warm spray directed onto the surfaces of your teeth. It’s powerful enough to do heavy stain removal, but gentle enough for even the most sensitive patients.
We take digital x-rays only, which deliver up to 90% less radiation. Combined with software that helps us analyze these x-rays, they deliver a great deal of diagnostic information—much more than film used to.
For bone surgeries, we use the Piezotome CUBE. This technology makes faster, more predictable atraumatic extractions possible. Socket preservation, decreased patient pain, and decreased postoperative swelling are all benefits of the Piezotome CUBE.

Dr. Farber uses the Solea® Dental Laser on a patient, making their procedure a quick and pain-free experience.


If the sight of a needle or the sound of a drill induces anxiety in you, ask Dr. Farber about the new Solea Dental Laser. With it, she can prepare a cavity with no anesthetic and no drill. Not only is it much more comfortable, it is faster, and there is no lingering numb feeling.

The Solea’s advanced technology is taking the place of the needle, drill, and scalpel in the dental office, and accommodates patients and procedures of all kinds. It’s fast, precise, reliably anesthesia-free for any cavity prep, and blood and suture-free for most soft tissue surgeries.

Additionally, Solea Sleep can take care of your snoring in one appointment.

PreNew PreView offers patients the ability to view and “test drive” their new smile before the actual restoration work is done. Dr. Farber sends a photograph of your smile, a 3-D scan of your teeth, and a description of the changes you want made, to our ceramist, Jason Kim. He then makes a snap-on device of the new smile design. You wear this Dr. Farber can then make adjustments to it. Then your new porcelain veneers or crowns are made to match that design.

This device is one of the world’s most advanced medical-grade air purifiers. It produces surgically clean air to eliminate aerosols and the viruses that attach themselves to aerosol droplets. It also removes dust and pollen that affect allergies.

We invite you to call us, or visit our office, to learn more about the technologies we have available.

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