Emergency Dentist

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If you’re in pain, please call our office right away—even if you have never visited our office before. Dr. Farber will see you today. Although a toothache can be a serious matter, often a simple procedure is all that is needed to get you out of pain.

Reasons You Might Need an Emergency Dentist

Toothaches are most commonly caused by deep decay that has reached the pulp of the tooth, resulting in an infection.

If this happens, your body’s natural defense system will kick in, sending white blood cells to the pulp to help fight the infection. Because the pulp is situated in a small space, it will swell in order to accommodate the white blood cells, resulting in great pain for you.

If the infection is ignored, the pulp will die. And while this may stop the pain, it actually worsens the problem. The infection will most certainly continue, moving into the bone and causing an abscess. If an abscess is left untreated, it could end up causing serious health complications, such as sepsis. Please know—an abscessed tooth will not simply “go away” on its own. It is best to be seen by a dentist.

If your toothache comes from an infected pulp, the treatment is usually a root canal. For more information about this, see our root canal treatment page.

But a root canal is not always the answer. Your pain might be due to a gum infection. A periodontal abscess could also be the culprit of a toothache, as well as a cracked or broken tooth.

An Emergency Dentist You Can Trust

No matter what the source of your pain is, Dr. Farber is a Midtown Manhattan emergency dentist whom you can trust. She understands that your situation may be causing you great anxiety, fear, and even embarrassment. Her numbing procedures are gentle and effective, and she will explain to you each step of the treatment process.

If you are hurting, don’t wait any longer. Call our office immediately or use the appointment request form.