Why Invisalign® Is Favored Among NYC Working Professionals

Adults in the New York City area have a wide range of dental concerns that are preventing them from having a smile they love. Crowded, misaligned, or gapped teeth can stand in the way of having your dream smile. When these dental issues impact a person’s appearance, many want a solution to have straight, well-aligned teeth. Changing your smile with Invisalign offers a discreet, quicker way to get the smile you’ve always wanted. While traditional braces still provide amazing results, especially for teens, adults generally find it an unappealing option, particularly working professionals. Wearing Invisalign 20 hours a day can give working adults a more attractive smile without their coworkers even noticing.

Dr. Marianna Farber of Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry in New York, NY, is one of the leading restorative and cosmetic dentists in the New York City area. She is also an Invisalign dentist and has combined her efforts with Propel Orthodontics technology to offer her patients a faster, more efficient method of improving their smile. Dr. Farber and her skilled team offer Invisalign invisible braces and Propel Orthodontics to expedite the orthodontic process and save patients time while giving them a healthy, straighter smile. Dr. Farber offers this progressive approach to orthodontics, and working professionals in New York City are benefitting from the results.

Working adults choose Invisalign

The most attractive feature of Invisalign is the innovative design of clear aligners that make Invisalign virtually invisible. As a compelling and modern take on orthodontics, Invisalign provides individuals with straighter teeth and a more attractive smile without being noticeable. It can also offer orthodontic tooth movement in less time than traditional braces. This discreet method is a huge perk for working adults looking to correct specific issues including:

  • Underbite or overbite

  • Overcrowded teeth

  • Slightly crooked or misaligned teeth

  • Gaps between teeth

  • Crossbite or open bite

The convenient and efficient Invisalign difference

Invisalign uses clear aligner trays that gently push teeth in the right direction. The aligners are digitally designed in a series of lower and upper trays worn at least 20 hours a day for two weeks. Every two weeks, another set of trays is introduced to continue the straightening process to improve tooth alignment. Since the clear trays are removable for eating and brushing, there are no dietary restrictions, and patients have fewer dental issues since proper brushing and flossing can occur. Invisalign is also generally 50% faster than traditional braces. Now with Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry in New York City combining Invisalign with the advanced Propel Orthodontics technology, working professionals can enjoy a discreet, even quicker way to achieve that ultimate smile.

Invisalign with Propel Orthodontics

With progressive cosmetic dentists like Dr. Farber, working adults in New York City can benefit from this innovative new approach. Propel Orthodontics is designed to expedite the movement and stabilization of teeth. Propel technology pairs easily with Invisalign to offer patients an even faster way to have straighter teeth. Propel works through a small device called the VPro+™, which supplies a high-frequency vibration to the jawbone and teeth when inserted into the mouth. It is a convenient treatment done at home for only five minutes per day.

The VPro+ device is placed inside the mouth between the upper and lower teeth, which initiates orthodontic tooth movement through bone remodeling. Bone remodeling is the process that occurs with any orthodontic method where misaligned teeth are guided through the jawbone to reach the ideal spot for a straighter-looking smile. Propel with Invisalign can make this process even quicker and more efficient. In only five minutes a day, working adults can accelerate their Invisalign process and have a significant impact on their orthodontic treatments.

Benefits of Invisalign for working adults

The appeal of invisible braces is the number-one reason most adults choose the Invisalign orthodontic method. Dr. Farber is excited to offer Invisalign and Propel to her New York City patients as it can improve their overall orthodontic experience, cutting the treatment time in half in some cases while discreetly providing excellent results. It also reduces the number of office visits needed, which saves working professionals valuable time. The VPro+ device provides a seamless addition to the Invisalign treatments, and it can be done at home. For working adults seeking an orthodontic solution that avoids the appearance and lengthy time frame that comes with traditional braces, Invisalign can be the ideal solution.

If there are aspects of your smile you would like to change but want to avoid traditional metal braces, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Marianna Farber at Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry in New York City, NY. Dr. Farber and her professional team proudly offer the latest cosmetic help with innovative dental techniques like Invisalign. Incorporating Propel Orthodontics technology into Invisalign treatments is ideal for working professionals to enhance and minimize their orthodontic journey to a better smile. Let Dr. Farber help you enjoy straighter, healthier teeth so you can feel more confident when you smile.

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