Receding Gums: What Does This Mean And How Is It Treated?

People may not realize it but your gums have an important job when it comes to good dental health. The main job of your gums is to protect the roots of your teeth. The roots are the foundation and when they are no longer protected by your gums then your teeth are in jeopardy. Receding gums is a common dental problem, especially as individuals get older and just like it sounds--when your gums start to recede or pull away then you can incur more dental issues. So what can you do if you suffer from receding gums?

Finding a qualified, experienced New York City dentist, like Dr. Marianna Farber, is a key factor in helping to resolve and treat receding gums. Dr. Farber is a highly-recommended dentist in the New York City area. Founder of Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry in 2001, she is an experienced dentist and her practice stands behind putting their patients first in order to give them the best oral care so their patients can enjoy healthy smiles! Your teeth need the support of healthy gums so if you are dealing with receding gums let’s take a look at what Dr. Farber can do to help you.

Your gums and what they do

Your gums are the foundation to beautiful teeth. Gums should look moist, pink in color and be located tightly to your teeth. That is the picture of healthy gums. Gums are the first line of defense against food and debris gaining a front row seat to your roots. They protect your teeth, their roots, and better yet keep your teeth in place! Clearly they are a big part of good oral health and when they start to recede then it not only becomes a cosmetic issue but a dental problem as well.

Gum recession

Receding gums is when the gums begin to pull away from the teeth. It is when the margin of gum tissue surrounding the tooth begins to increase exposing more tooth and tooth root. If left untreated then the tooth becomes exposed allowing for bacteria and debris to build up which can cause damage to the tissue and bone structure of your teeth eventually leading to tooth loss. So why do gums begin to recede in the first place?

The reasons behind receding gums...

Unfortunately gum recession is not an uncommon dental issue, especially for New York City men and women, over the age of 40. Typically a gradual process, gums receding usually goes undetected until individuals enter into their 30s when the first signs of gum recession start to cosmetically appear. But age is not the only reason why gums start to change as there are several factors that cause gum recession:

  • Poor dental care: Not taking care of your teeth daily with brushing, flossing or rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash leaves food debris and plaque to build up which can cause gum disease. Gum disease is one of the main reasons why individuals start to experience gum recession.

  • Brushing too aggressively: Sounds strange but this can also be a culprit of receding gums. Brushing too hard wears down the gums over time.

  • Genetics: Some individuals are predisposed to gum recession even if they have good oral health and take care of their teeth.

  • Clenching or grinding teeth: These symptoms cause the teeth to break down due to the pressure of grinding or clenching which over time can lead to gums receding.

  • Hormone changes (for women): Fluctuating hormones with pregnancy, menopause even puberty can increase gum sensitivity and long term can cause gum recession.

  • Smoking or chewing tobacco: Both of these habits, for obvious reasons, can cause damage to the gum line due to the build up of sticky substances left behind.

  • Misaligned bites or crooked teeth: When teeth or a patient's bite are not aligned properly it can cause stress on the teeth and bone structure causing the gums to recede.

  • Aging: Gums over time can begin to recede due to years of poor dental care (gum disease), lack of regular dental visits for cleanings and in general gum tissue breaking down due to eating or years of aggressive brushing.

Treatment for receding gums

If gum recession is caught in the early stages, it can be treated with a professional deep cleaning by a dentist. The deep cleaning can remove the build up of tartar and plaque in order to get your teeth and gums back on the right track. Patients should follow up with regular dental visits, every 6 months, in order to prevent further damage. If the gum recession is too severe, for a deep cleaning to resolve, then patients may need to consider gum surgery. There are different types or levels of gum surgeries available, in order to restore the damage to your gums, but a consultation with a qualified dentist like Dr. Farber is the next best step in order to take further action.

Your gums are the foundation to protect your teeth. Keeping them healthy is part of having good oral health. Finding a dentist you can trust and visit twice a year to keep your gums healthy is part of keeping your overall health in check! Dr. Marianna Farber is a skilled, experienced dentist who can diagnose, prevent and treat gum recession in order to get you back on track and enjoying not only a great smile but seeing healthy gums protecting your teeth. You are not alone, if you are experiencing receding gums, so if you are in the New York City area then take the first step and set up a dental appointment with Dr. Farber. Call or schedule your dental consultation with one her professional team members today and get started on having healthy gums for your teeth!

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