Ready for veneers? Tips to find the right NYC dentist so you get natural results

If you’re searching for a way to improve your smile, but don’t know where to begin, then you may want to look into veneers. Veneers can completely transform your smile by correcting multiple dental problems including cracked or discolored teeth. You’ll no longer feel the need to hide your smile or be self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth. Your veneers can actually give you a reason to smile. Dr. Marianna Farber with Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry has used veneers to help her New York area patients correct their dental issues and they have been thrilled with their results. Veneers are a multi-step process and require a highly-skilled dentist to guide you along the way. We’ve shared some tips to help you find the right NYC dentist that will not only dramatically enhance your smile, but also your self-confidence and image.

Experience matters

It’s important to ask your potential dentist about their education and experience. Specifically, find out how many years of experience your dentist has in practicing cosmetic dentistry. This hands-on experience can make a huge difference in your treatment and results. A dentist that has years of experience also has the knowledge to provide quality care and recommendations on what can work best for your dental needs and aesthetic goals.

Ask to see before and after photos

Before and after photos of previous patients is one of the best ways to determine if you like a dentist’s work. Many dentists have galleries with numerous photos available to patients on their website. Take your time to look through the photos in order to get a better understanding of veneers. Look closely to see if the veneers have a natural appearance or if they appear to be blatantly artificial. Veneers come in many different shapes, sizes, and even shades so an experienced dentist will help guide you on what will work best for your facial structure. What works on one patient may not work for you, so it’s good to listen to your dentist’s suggestions and to be open to their recommendations. You want to have a dentist that can find the perfect fit for you.

Ask for referrals

When scheduling any procedure or treatment it is always good to ask your friends and family for referrals. Word spreads quickly in NYC and it shouldn’t be too hard to find a reputable dentist that has many satisfied patients. If your friends and family don’t have any referrals then a quick Google search can help point you in the right direction. Make sure you read up on the dentist and also try to find reviews or feedback from previous patients. Try to avoid new dentists that offer special introductory or discounted rates as they are probably not your best bet. Keep in mind that you’re entrusting this dentist with your money, and more importantly your smile, so be selective.

Schedule a consultation

Scheduling a consultation is absolutely critical in determining whether or not to move forward with a dentist. This is valuable time that can be used to get a better feel for the dentist, to see if you’re both on the same page, and to have all of your questions answered. You should not feel rushed during your consultation, if anything, your dentist should make you feel at ease. If you’re sensing some hesitation or getting bad vibes then follow your gut and take your business elsewhere. There are more than enough highly-qualified dentists in the NYC area so don’t feel pressured to go with the first dentist you meet.

Understand the procedure

Veneers are not a simple office procedure that can be completed in one day. They take some time along with a few office visits in order to get the impressions made and for your dentist to obtain the right shade and fit. They are totally worth the wait as they are customized for you and made to look like your real teeth. Your dentist should take the time to walk you through this process so you have a better understanding of the timeframe and next steps. This not only helps set expectations, but can also allow you to plan accordingly.

Determine pricing ahead of time

Your dentist should be upfront with pricing. Many factors go into veneer pricing including the number of veneers necessary, the material they’re made out of, and the dental work required to prepare your teeth. Some patients may only need a few veneers to correct one problem area, while others choose to move forward with an entire set of veneers. Your dentist should be able to provide a detailed cost estimate along with a recommended course of treatment. It is wise to get this in writing so there are no questions at a later date. If you’re interested in financing or payment plans this would also be the time to see if your dentist offers any of these options.

What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions about veneers then please contact our office in New York City and schedule a consultation. Dr. Marianna Farber is a highly-skilled dentist who has over 15 years of experience in dental care and will be happy to assist. Dr. Farber will put your mind at ease and walk you through any questions you may have. Not all patients are good candidates for veneers and if this is the case then other dental options will be presented.

We look forward to your visit at Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry in New York City and having you see why so many patients choose veneers to help them obtain a beautiful, natural-looking smile that they love sharing with their friends, family, and even strangers!

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