How Can I Fix My Gummy Smile?

Excess gum tissue, sometimes referred to as a “gummy smile,” is a common cosmetic concern. Although excess gum tissue does not impact your oral health, many patients are unhappy with the appearance of short teeth and a gummy smile.

While traditional surgical techniques can restore balance between your teeth and gums, at Contemporary and Esthetic Dentistry, we offer a laser-guided procedure that can effectively achieve your goals. Gum reshaping utilizes laser technology to gently sculpt the gum line and elongate the appearance of the teeth.

By raising the level at which the gums extend down on the teeth, your pearly whites have more room to shine. The gum lift procedure is not only fast but also virtually pain-free with little to no downtime afterward.

To learn if laser gum reshaping can help you achieve your cosmetic goals, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Marianna Farber today and discover your options.

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