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How Long Will the Results of KÖR Teeth Whitening Last?

Dr. Marianna Farber | 03/26/2020

When you’re looking for an effective way to whiten your teeth, KÖR Teeth Whitening is a great cosmetic dentistry option.


What Dental Treatments Help Cure Sleep Apnea?

Dr. Marianna Farber | 03/18/2020

When it is left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to serious dental problems, such as tooth decay, infection, and burning mouth syndrome.


Does a Root Canal Always Need a Crown?

Dr. Marianna Farber | 03/11/2020

When you need a root canal to restore your tooth, you may not be aware that most patients in New York City require a crown as well.


Is It Safe to Go to the Dentist While Pregnant?

Dr. Marianna Farber | 03/04/2020

It's important to keep the teeth and gums healthy while pregnant as hormonal changes can increase the risk of gum disease.


Six Facts about KöR Teeth Whitening

Dr. Marianna Farber | 02/26/2020

When you want to whiten and brighten your smile in New York, KöR Teeth Whitening is an effective and safe procedure.


What are the Common Symptoms of Sleep Apnea?

Dr. Marianna Farber | 02/19/2020

When left untreated, sleep apnea can cause significant oral health issues such as bad breath, tooth decay, infection, and burning mouth syndrome.


Is A Dental Crown Better Than A Filling?

Dr. Marianna Farber | 02/12/2020

When it comes to restoring a tooth and your oral health, it’s important to learn when a dental crown is better than a filling in New York City.


Why Regular Dental Exams Are Important

Dr. Marianna Farber | 02/05/2020

Annual dental exams and biannual cleanings are important tools in maintaining healthy teeth and gums and preventing tooth decay.


Why Dental Implants Are An Option For Tooth Loss

Dr. Marianna Farber | 01/29/2020

Tooth loss can leave patients looking for answers to restore their smile and oral health. Learn how dental implants may be the right solution for you.


Why You Should Consider Veneers to Fix Crooked Front Teeth

Dr. Marianna Farber | 01/22/2020

Issues like misalignment and other common dental concerns can affect your beautiful smile. Learn if veneers can fix your crooked front teeth.


Bothered by Crooked Teeth? Get a Straight Smile With Invisalign®

Dr. Marianna Farber | 01/15/2020

Invisalign clear aligners are a discreet way to get a straight, attractive smile, and VPro by Propel Orthodontics can speed up the process.


10 Ways A Smile Makeover May Be Your Best Option and How Much Time You May Need

Dr. Marianna Farber | 01/08/2020

Cosmetic dentistry today offers patients a wide range of options to help both women and men get the smile they need. It may be easier than you think.


How Dental Implants Mimic Real Teeth

Dr. Marianna Farber | 12/25/2019

Discover how you can restore the look, feel, and function of a natural tooth through the use of dental implants to achieve the smile of your dreams.


Are Porcelain Veneers The Fastest Way To A Dream Smile?

Dr. Marianna Farber | 12/18/2019

Veneers are a minimally invasive way to repair your smile. Find out how cosmetic veneers can give you the smile makeover you deserve.


Top Reasons for Pairing Invisalign® and Propel Orthodontics

Dr. Marianna Farber | 12/11/2019

Combining these two orthodontic treatments can give you the smile of your dreams more quickly than Invisalign alone.


Boost Your Confidence and Appearance With a Smile Makeover

Dr. Marianna Farber | 12/04/2019

A smile makeover can transform your appearance and increase your self-confidence. Learn more about this life-changing option.


Why Choose Dental Implants Over Traditional Options?

Dr. Marianna Farber | 11/28/2019

If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants can restore a damaged smile to one that is healthy and beautiful.


Instant Smile Repair: Answers You Need On Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Marianna Farber | 11/21/2019

Custom porcelain veneers are a fantastic cosmetic solution that can give you an immediate smile repair and transform your appearance.


Why Invisalign® Is Favored Among NYC Working Professionals

Dr. Marianna Farber | 11/14/2019

An increasing number of working adults are turning to the modern and highly discreet orthodontic solution of Invisalign for a better smile.


Unhappy With Your Grin? Five Ways a Smile Makeover Can Help

Dr. Marianna Farber | 11/07/2019

Have misaligned, crowded, discolored, or gapped teeth affected your smile? Now you can transform your grin with a personalized smile makeover in NYC!


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